Jeff B.

I grew up in Norwich, CT with two loving parents and one sister. None of them had a problem with drugs or alcohol. In fact, I’ve never seen either of my parents drunk. However, I took my first drink when I was 13 and it changed my life forever. I loved how it made me feel, calming my nerves, everything seemed more fun, everything would be ok. I had found my true love. Soon later would come the drugs: weed, coke, and pills mainly. My life became a party and I had a hard time shutting it off. I don’t know when it happened but at some point, I lost the ability to control my drug and alcohol use. They began to own me…they were my master. Arrests, hospital visits, and family interventions would follow but none were of any use. How many times did I swear I would never use again, only to break that promise just a few hours later. I was convinced this was the path of my life.

Through God’s grace, an old friend came back into my life at the moment I needed someone most. He had gotten sober in a 12 step program and offered to help. For some reason, I was desperate enough to accept. Accepting his help was one of hardest decisions of my life; however, it has proven to be the moment which changed my life forever. Thanks to the 12 steps and good sponsorship I have not had a drink or drug in over 7 years. I am married and soon to be a father; what a gift every day is. I have discovered a new way of life and realized a lot of truths about myself in this time. I was not a bad person; I was just very sick. And the best way to recover from this disease is to work the 12 steps and devote my life to service. After suffering through years of addiction I am now a free man. I feel I have discovered the keys to the kingdom.

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