With hard work and dedication it CAN BE DONE:)
I am a Recovering Substance Abuser who grew up in Norwich and have gone to Care Plus in Groton for Outpatient Rehab and local AA meetings to continue my recovery. While being homeless and eating at the St, Vincent D Paul Place, picking up clothes from Malta and attending workshops at CT Works and their WIA Program, now (American Job Center) where I was given the opportunity to attend TRCC to obtain my CNA Certificate and employment, when training was completed. To also keep busy I went to the Otis Library for Self Help, Computers and Gardening. TVCCA for Budgeting and Tax help. Safe Futures for Self Help and DV Prevention ( where I am now a Volunteer advocating for Survivors). Community Speaks out whom I also advocate for by providing others with brochures on their services. Uncas Health District for Health Insurance, Healthy Eating Workshops and Smoking Cessation Groups (I am now a Non- Smoker!) And finally the SBA and Score to continue my Education. I am now working and I own my own home!
I am Grateful to everyone who helped me along the way, in my journey to living a Substance Free Life!!!! I couldn’t be HAPPIER:) Thank You! And Thank You for listening!!

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  1. I also wish to thank UCFS as they were their from the start and continue to be an important part of my healthcare!
    My apologies for leaving you out of My Story:)

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