For many people, prescription drug abuse begins in the teenage years. Explaining the dangers of substance abuse to children is an important prevention step. The more kids and teenagers understand the dangers of substance abuse, the more likely they will turn down a chance to experiment with substances. Take time to learn about prevention measures everyone can take to help stop substance abuse before it happens.

Have conversations with your children about the dangers of substance use and the potential long-term side effects. Talk with your children, and listen to what they have to say. Be aware of your own actions and how they may affect your children, including how strong feelings, minor body aches and pains, and stress. Actions speak louder than words. For tips and information about how to talk to your children about substance abuse, visit our resources page.

Understanding the Risks

There are many factors that affect people who may experience a substance-abuse disorder.

Some common risk factors among people who are, or who have recovered from a substance abuse disorder, are:

Family history of addiction

Being male

Having a mental health disorder

Peer pressure

Taking a highly addictive drug

Early Intervention

Norwich Unhooked Prevention InformationOne of the most important steps in helping someone avoid developing a substance use disorder is early intervention. In some situations, there may be clear signs someone has intentions to use a substance like drugs or alcohol, and they may be at risk. Studies show there are stages to developing a substance abuse disorder, and the earlier the person receives help, the better. 

  •  - Pre-Contemplative: In the early stages, someone may not even consider the idea they may be developing a substance abuse problem. 
  •  - Contemplation: Someone who is abusing a substance frequently may begin to think they have a problem, but don't have the guidance they need to admit it.
  •  - Determination: A person can recognize they have an issue, and make a commitment to getting better. 

Did you know?

If you have prescription medication left over from an injury or surgery, the Norwich Police Department has a drop-off box for all leftover medication available 24/7.

Safely disposing of prescription medications is a key factor in preventing prescription drug abuse.

FREE Needle Exchange Tuesdays from 9:30am-12pm

Parking lot behind the YMCA on Main Street in Norwich

Call (860)208-5971 for more information

Are you or someone you love dealing with an addiction?

You are not fighting alone.

Norwich Unhooked partners with multiple local doctors, counselors, and hospitals in Norwich to help aid the community with substance abuse disorder treatment and prevention measures.